South Tetcott Hunt

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Meet the Team

Huntsman - Jamie Parish joins the team from 1 May 2017, coming from the Berkeley where he has been 1st Whip for the last seven seasons. We are looking forward to an exciting season!

To arrange for the collection of fallen stock please call Jamie on 01409 271240

We have a new team of Masters from 1 May 2017.

Karen Chubb has been Secretary for the STH for the last 11 years, which she will continue to do alongside being Joint Master. She is a farmers wife, and works part time in Administration.

David Lawrence is a 3rd generation farrier, who shoes for hunting people 5 days per week. He lives in the hunt country, and has good relations with local farmers and landowners.

Simon Kerslake is a local farmer and Business Consultant, who has been involved with hunting locally for many years. He is a past Chairman for the East Devon Supporters Club, and was amateur whip for a period of time.

Dean Summersby is a free range poultry farmer, and point to point trainer. He has extensive knowledge of hunting, having whipped in to his father in law Tony Boon at the Lamerton for many seasons. Dean will help whip in this season.

Whippers In – David Bowden  and James Neale will help Jamie when they can.

Chairman – James Neale. James is a huge asset to the South Tetcott Hunt. He is a well known  local farmer with extensive knowledge of hunting.

Treasurer – Jodi Risdon. Jodi looks after the finances and makes sure we are keeping on track.  Fundraising is an essential part to keeping the hunt going and she is keen to get involved with as much as she can.

Hon. Secretary – Gemma Colebrook-Clark 07894 557594, [email protected]

See Point to Point for other contacts.