South Tetcott Hunt

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Meet the Team

Huntsman - Ben Lowe joined the team from 1 May 2018, coming from the Taunton Vale where he has been 1st Whip.  To arrange for the collection of fallen stock please call Ben on 01409 271240.

Mastership for 2020/21

Rosie Ware was born and brought up in North Yorkshire where she spent all of her childhood hunting with the Sinnington, where her mother was secretary for over 20 years and Joint Master for 6 years. Rosie's late father was the Master and Huntsman if the Holderness Foxhounds for 6 seasons and before tha he started the Hunsley Beacon Beagles in the 1960, which Rosie now owns.

Daphney Beasley has  been involved with horses and hunting from a young age with several local packs. She has lived in South Tetcott country all her life and has 2 sons that are also mad keen on hunting.

Amy Parkin has been involved with horses and hunting all her life, she has grown up on the hunting field riding along side her father and the hounds.  Amy also has a strong history of producing show jumpers and competes around the country. 

1st Whipper – David Bowden

Chairman – Derek Ellis. Derek is a great asset to the South Tetcott Hunt. He is a well known in the local area and further afield.

Treasurer – Jodi Risdon. Jodi looks after the finances and makes sure we are keeping on track.  Fundraising is an essential part to keeping the hunt going and she is keen to get involved with as much as she can.

Hon. Secretary Mark Thompson 

See Point to Point for other contacts.